Overview of Quantum Dots Technology Platform

Quantum dots are involved in a broad range of uses via the exploitation of appropriate nanocrystals. Examples of applications include photodynamic therapy, photovoltaic devices, molecular electronics, and catalysis.

NB-Photonics has established experience in colloidal nanocrystals, which are nanometer sized (2-20 nm) pieces of crystalline material that make a colloidal dispersion in an appropriate solvent. The technology for synthesis of these materials has matured to the stage where a wide range of metal, metal-oxide and semiconductor sources can be used to fabricate nanostructures with varying size and shape. This capability is highly relevant for real-life applications of the colloids. Such applications range from photodetection (e.g. solar cells and IR cameras) tso lighting (e.g. LEDs, remote phosphors) to integrated photonics (e.g. lasers, switches, sources and modulators). A key element is the combination of the different nanocrystals into a ‘nanocrystal solid’, which will posses new (collective) properties such as enhanced absorption resulting from interactions between the constituent nanocrystals.

Research Theme Links

Research themes that benefit from quantum dot generation and manipulation technology include advanced photonic materials, energy efficiency, and single-photon sources and detection.

Application Links

Applications utilizing the quantum dot technology platform include energy and lighting, designs incorporating enhanced materials, and communications.

NB-Photonics member expertise

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Edourd Brainis
Zeger Hens
Dries Van Thourhout