Overview of Polymers Technology Platform

The polymers technology platform is instrumental in bringing multiple NB-Photonics research avenues to useful application. Through this platform, the opportunity exists to modify biopolymers, synthesize functional polymers from both synthetic as well as bio-based monomers, and perform controlled polymerizations. Additionally it can perform characterisation of polymer bulk properties, surface modification (i.e. spin coating and plasma treatment) and characterization. Polymer processing allows for rapid prototyping, i.e. the automatic construction of physical objects using additive manufacturing technology, and the rapid prototyping techniques for tissue engineering include electrospinning set-up, fused deposition modeling, and a bioplotter (an extrusion or hydrogel dispensing system).

Research Theme Links

Research themes that benefit from polymers technology platform include advanced photonic materials, photonic integration and nano-technologies, and theranostics.

Application Links

Applications utilizing the polymers technology platform include designs incorporating enhanced materials, medical, and biotechnology.

NB-Photonics member expertise

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Peter Dubrel