Overview of Photonic Integration and Silicon Photonics Technology Platform

NB-Photonics has considerable expertise in the technology platform of photonic integration and silicon photonics.

For the optimal design of photonic components, a broad range of commercial and in-house developed simulation tools are available, including waveguide mode solvers, beam propagation method (BPM) software, grating design, laser diode and optical amplifier modeling, modeling of micro-cavity LEDs and vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs), optical design, non-sequential ray tracing, thermal modeling and fiber optic system modeling.

CAMFR is an in-house developed flexible and efficient modeling tool. It is based on vectorial eigenmode expansion and advanced boundary conditions. Because it does not rely on spatial discretization, but uses a more ‘intelligent’ representation of the optical field, it can provide solutions orders of magnitude faster than more conventional methods (like e.g. finite difference time domain or FDTD). CAMFR is being used to tackle the design of a wide variety of optical devices, such as photonic crystal devices, vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs), resonant-cavity light-emitting diodes (LEDs), tapers, gratings, bends, etc. The model can also study non-linear effects, such as the Kerr effect and second harmonic generation.

The silicon photonics platform provides access to wafer-scale CMOS fabrication facilities for research and prototyping of photonic integrated circuits for academic and industrial R&D groups. The core partners of the network, IMEC and LETI, provide access to their 200 mm silicon pilot lines and also to their knowledge and experience with fabrication of photonic integrated circuits by means of wafer-scale processes. Members of NB-Photoncis are involved in coordination of the platform. Via this service, roadmapping, promotion and exploration of commercial manufacturing routes, the silicon photonics platform is intended for long-term realization of a research route towards commercial deployment of silicon photonics.

Research Theme Links

Research themes that benefit from photonic integration and silicon photonics technology include advanced photonic materials, photonic integration and nano-technologies, and energy efficiency.

Application Links

Applications utilizing the photonic integration and silicon photonics technology platform include energy and lighting, designs incorporating enhanced materials, sensors, and communications.

NB-Photonics member expertise

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Roel Baets
Peter Bienstman
Wim Bogaerts
Nicolas Le Thomas
Geert Mortier
Gunther Roelkens
Geert Van Steenberge
Dries Van Thourhout