Overview of Displays Technology Platform

The NB-Photonics display technology platform enables insights into the electro-optical behaviour of displays and photonic components based on nematic, ferro and antiferro-electric liquid crystals. There is the capability for measuring and modeling the effects of interfaces, electric fields and light on crystals, with special focus on ionic transport, solitary waves and spatial light modulators. In addition, technologies are available for development activities involving electrophoretic ink and optical microcavity effects.

Research Theme Links

Research themes that benefit from displays technology platform include advanced photonic materials, photonic integration and nano-technologies, and energy efficiency.

Application Links

Applications utilizing the display technology platform include energy and lighting, designs incorporating enhanced materials, medical, and biotechnology.

NB-Photonics member expertise

Detailed information on the listed experts can be found on the who we are page.

Jeroen Beeckmans
Kristiaan Neyts