The achievements of projects involving NB-Photonics members has resulted in a number of spin-off success stories. Several examples are described here.


Trinean is a spin-out of Ghent University and imec, and develops lab equipment for the analysis of biological samples. Their combination of highly accurate and reliable instruments with state of the art analytical software allows for optimal extraction of information from minute biological samples, including the characterization of DNA, RNA and proteins.
The product portfolio includes spectrophotometers complemented with proprietary microfluidic chips as a standardized platform for biological sample analytics. Trinean instruments are being used in over 500 organizations worldwide, including international research-institutes, tissue banks, hospitals and (bio)pharma.

Luceda Photonics

Luceda Photonics was established in 2014 to commercialize photonics IC design software developed in an ERC starting grant project. The software was conceived initially as a simulation of photonic reservoir computing and then extended to other fields. Luceda Photonics’ tools and services are rooted in  the team’s expertise in the development of process design kits (PDK) and the design and validation of photonic integrated circuits. The software is used by a number of research institutes and industrial R&D teams worldwide to facilitate better and faster design cycles.


Caliopa emerged as a 2010 Photonics Research Group & imec spin-off to commercialize research in silicon photonics. The company develops optical transceivers that offer advanced functionality, higher port density, and lower power consumption, with the chief markets being data and telecommunication. Caliopa was acquired by Huawei in 2013 and is integrated into Huawei’s existing R&D centre in Belgium while continuing it’s strong partnership with Ghent University and imec.