NB-Photonics is active in a number of education and training areas.

NB-Photonics hosts and organizes a monthly seminar series on a variety of hot topics in photonics, nanotechnology and biotechnology. Each seminar is given by an expert in the field and gives insights into state-of-the-art activities and trends. For information on upcoming NB-Photonics seminars, please view our seminars column on the news and events page.
NB-Photonics is associated with a Master’s degree program, European Master of Science in Photonics (link opens in new tab), a taught two-year program delivered in English that leads to a joint degree from UGent and VUB. During the first year students study both in Ghent and in Brussels. The second year they choose to either study in Ghent or in Brussels. NB-Photonics is also involved in the research program organization of a number of multidisciplinary doctoral research activities that have led to the award of doctoral qualifications.
NB-Photonics is involved in local and international initiative to increase public awareness of the importance of photonics-related technologies in their lives, for their futures, and for the development of society. One example is the International Year of Light 2015 activity in Ghent (link opens in new tab). Check our website regularly for updated news on NB-Photonics involvements.