Overview of Theranostics Research Theme

Theranostics is the union of diagnosis, treatment and preferably treatment guidance in one procedure. Light can be rapidly delivered and converted into various medically-relevant forms such as heat, chemical and mechanical processes, sound and light, all of which are used for diagnosis and various therapies. Historic examples of the major impact of light in medicine are the invention of the microscope and laser surgery. The most pressing unresolved medical challenges are expected to benefit from new approaches including theranostics – particularly in combination with developments in other NB-Photonics fields of activity.

Current medical practices including surgery, and chemo- and radiation-therapies are often unable to disable pathological cells when intertwined with organs, and these cells also develop resistance to drugs and radiation. The ideal solution is cell level theranostic tools which will rapidly and selectively detect and destroy only pathological cells without affecting nearby normal cells. It is here that the combination of light and nanotechnology is most promising, and where NB-Photonics has the capabilities to make significant advances.

Technology Platform Links

Theranostics utilizes several technology platforms. These technology platforms include nanocoatings, photonic integration and silicon photonics, polymers, and biophotonics.

Application Links

Advances in Theranostics brings significant benefits to several areas: designs incorporating enhanced materials, sensors, medical, and biotechnology.

NB-Photonics member expertise

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Kevin Braeckmans
Andre Skirtach