Overview of Advanced Photonic Materials Research Theme

Numerous challenges require advanced materials that have properties associated with the control and manipulation of photons. Photonics, plasmonics, biosensors, lasers, LED, and solar cells are among many fields that are significantly impacted by new nano-structured optical materials. NB-Photonics is actively involved in

  • Research and development of promising nano-structured photonic materials
  • Study of nano-structured substances for customization
  • Creation of new technologies for synthesis and processing of photonic materials

NB-Photonics can perform modeling, computer simulation, and investigations of structure and physical and chemical properties of new nano-structured optical materials. The center also facilitates synthesis and processing of nanostructured optical materials via newly created technologies including high-temperature synthesis, zol-gel, ion-exchange, photo-inducted crystallization, poling, laser and electron-beam processing. Materials are appropriately doped using dopants such as rare-earth ions, noble and transition metals, molecular clusters, dielectric and semiconductor nanocrystals.

The breadth and depth of capabilities at NB-Photonics maximize the opportunities for advanced photonic materials developments to help solve challenges.

Technology Platform Links

Developments in advanced photonic materials engage a variety of technology platforms to facilitate insights and opportunities for applications with novel capabilities.
These technology platforms include luminescent materials, quantum dots, nanocoatings, polymers, and displays.

Application Links

The capabilities offered via advances in photonic materials will impact many application fields. Prominent areas where impact most directly affects products include energy and lighting, and designs incorporating enhanced materials.

NB-Photonics member expertise

Detailed information on the listed experts can be found on the who we are page.

Jeroen Beeckman
Filip Beunis
Kevin Braeckmans
Edouard Brainis
Christophe Detavenier
Peter Dubrel
Zeger Hens
Kristiaan Neyts
Dirk Poelman
Philippe Smets