Upcoming (tentative) seminar programme for the 2017 – 2018 academic year:

September 11, 2017: “Rare Earths for a Sustainable Earth”, prof. Andries Meijerink, Utrecht University

October 6, 2017: NB-Photonics all-day annual meeting with keynote speaker prof. Stefan Maier, Imperial College London

November 10, 2017: “Liquid crystal R&D for TVs and beyond”, Peter Cirkel, Eyeco-Eyeco and formerly TP Vision

February 16 2018 “Photonics applications of light beams confined in liquid crystals“, Prof. Gaetano Assanto, Roma Tre

March 20, 2018: “Center of Expertise- NB-Photonics” (TBC)

April 6, 2018: “Optical sensors in automotive”, Joris Roels, Melexis (Gent)

May 28, 2018: Bert Gyselinckx, Imec Florida “title TBC”

June 15, 2018: IOF Business Developer at UGent, Eva Ryckeboer (Gent)

July  (TBC), 2018: Mathias Vanwolleghem, IEMN (France), on terahertz photonics



For details of past seminars, see here