NB-Photonics Seminar with Jean-luc Doumont (Principiae)

What: NB-Photonics seminar with Jean-luc Doumont (Principiae) on “Creating effective conference posters”.

When: Friday 3rd February 2017, 12.00 to 13.50

Where: Auditorium 1 (1st floor), iGent, Campus Ardoyen – Zwijnaarde

** Registration is free but mandatory via this link **

12.00 – 12.30: Sandwich Lunch
12.30 – 12.35: Introduction by prof. Peter Bienstman
12.35 – 13.35: Seminar by Jean-luc Doumont
13.35 – 13.50: Discussion


Creating effective conference posters

Effective communication is an essential skill today for scientists. Nevertheless, most research posters at conferences or in university hallways seem to defy common sense: from two steps away, passersby cannot read anything – assuming they even get past the overcrowded layout. Impactful posters are more than magnified one-page papers.
Renowned communication expert Jean-luc Doumont will discuss how to create more visual posters that get attention, facilitate navigation, and convey messages through strict selection, careful phrasing, and effective layout.
This seminar is particularly relevant for an NB-Photonics audience; recent NB-Photonics posters will be included as examples!


Biosketch of speaker

An engineer (Louvain) and Ph.D. in applied physics (Stanford), Jean-Luc Doumont is acclaimed worldwide for his no-nonsense approach, his highly applicable, often life-changing recommendations on a wide range of topics, and Trees, maps, and theorems, his book about “effective communication for rational minds.”