NB-Photonics Event: 2007-2016 – 10 years of IOF photonics innovation at UGent

What: NB-Photonics program of talks covering IOF photonics innovation activities at Ghent University over the past 10 years.

When: Monday 23rd January 2017, 16.00 to 18.30 (including networking reception)

Where: Auditorium 1 (1st floor), iGent, Campus Ardoyen – Zwijnaarde

** Registration is free but mandatory via this link **


For the past (almost) 10 years dr. Danae Delbeke has led the business development activities in the field of photonics at Ghent University. As of January 1 2017 she has left her UGent position to become the General Manager of the newly founded spin-off company Indigo. In this seminar we look back at and forward to some of the highlights of 10 years of the IOF consortium NB-Photonics (aka Plateau), with focus on the spin-off companies and spin-off geared projects.


4:00 pm 5:30 pm Academic session

      Welcome and introduction (Roel Baets)

      IOF quo vadis (Herman Van Langenhove)

      Caliopa-Huawei: optical transceivers for telecom/datacom (Tom Collins)

      Luceda Photonics: design software for photonic integrated circuits (Pieter Dumon)

      Fiber Bragg gratings and their readout for mechanical strain sensing (Joris Degrieck)

      Lumicor: making LED lighting better and cheaper (Philippe Smet)

      Powder ALD (Geert Rampelberg)

      Antelope DX: towards smartphone integrable biosensors (Bart Geers)

      Indigo Diabetes: continuous glucose monitoring without finger pricks (Roel Baets)

      The TT perspective (Wim Van Camp)

5:30 pm 6:30 pm Networking reception