Overview of Medical Application Area

NB-Photonics has substantial experience in developing medical applications through realizing research breakthroughs with available technology platforms, in particular those associated with silicon photonics.

The increasing need for point-of-care diagnostic and therapeutic devices opens great opportunities for silicon photonics. Silicon photonics allows miniaturization of relatively complex optical devices and make their cost affordable. The usefulness of these devices lies in their functionality of using light to measure many different physiological parameters or image tissue in three dimensions, all in a non-invasive or minimally invasive way. A photonic chip can also be integrated in a catheterized device, thereby extending the application range greatly. Several examples of NB-Photonics active areas of development include the integration of superluminescent LEDs on silicon waveguide circuits, silicon based integrated optical gas sensing, and integrated Optical Coherence Tomography Components.

Technology Platform Links

Technology platforms that facilitate medical applications directly include Photonic integration and silicon photonics, Polymers, Displays, and Biophotonics.

Research Theme Links

Research themes in which the programs produce essential knowledge for medical applications include photonic integration and nano-technologies, energy efficiency, theranostics, spectroscopy and sensing, and single-photon sources and detections.

NB-Photonics member expertise

Detailed information on the listed experts can be found on the who we are page.

Roel Baets
Peter Bienstman
Kevin Braeckmans
Edouard Brainis
Peter Dubrel
Geert Mortier
Gunther Roelkens
Andre Skirtach
Geert Van Steenberge