Overview of Biotechnology Application Area

NB-Photonics is active in the biotechnology area of nanoparticle characterization for drug/gene delivery and biomedical diagnostics applications. Additionally, NB-Photonics uses functional polymers for biomedical and biophotonic applications mainly including biomaterials, biocompatible coatings, scaffolds for tissue engineering and biosensors. Different types of polymers (synthetic, semi-synthetic and biopolymers) are evaluated and utilized for this large variety of applications. NB-Photonics also focuses on the surface modification of existing and novel materials for polymer-based application development.

Technology Platform Links

Technology platforms that facilitate biotechnology applications directly include Polymers and Biophotonics.

Research Theme Links

Research themes in which the programs produce essential knowledge for medical applications include advanced photonic materials, theranostics, spectroscopy and sensing, and single-photon sources and detections.

NB-Photonics member expertise

Detailed information on the listed experts can be found on the who we are page.

Roel Baets
Peter Bienstman
Kevin Braeckmans
Edouard Brainis
Peter Dubrel
Andre Skirtach