The core experts in NB-Photonics are also members of various active research groups. These groups include:

Photonics Research Group focuses on silicon photonics and applications in ICT, sensing and life sciences.

Liquid Crystals and Photonics group applies their expertise in electro-optical devices based on liquid crystals, electrophoretics, luminescent materials and solar cells.

INTEC design develops high-speed and high-frequency electronic circuits, subsystems and system demonstrators.

The Center for Microsystems Technology deals with laser-based technologies for device manufacturing, and related activities.

Physics and Chemistry of Nanostructures group focuses on colloidal nanocrystals for synthesis and applications.

LumiLab uses expertise on luminescence, from theoretical understanding to applications.

Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials group develops functional polymers for biomedical applications.

The Conformal Coating of Nanomaterials team specializes in thin film technologies and devices.

Cell Systems and Imaging has a comprehensive proficiency in analysis of the single cell.

The Laboratory for General Biochemistry and Physical Pharmacy applies its’ capabilities to Nanomedicines and biophotonics research.

imec research institute performs research in a variety of fields in nanoelectronics.