NB-Photonics and UGent logo (cropped)

NB-Photonics became established in 2010 as one of five Multidisciplinary Research Platforms (MRPs) in a Ghent University research policy plan for promoting excellence in research. These MRPs were selected by recognition of established expertise, multidisciplinary collaboration and potential to become world leaders.

The NB-Photonics concept emerged due to several realizations. Our society is faced with important challenges such as qualitative and affordable healthcare, clean and renewable energy, and efficient ICT. Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) within photonics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology have the potential to help provide solutions. The intricate nature of the challenges at hand necessitates a multidisciplinary approach.

NB-Photonics solves such challenges and provides training through our members’ expertise and their facilities in combination with academic and industry collaborating partners. Explore our website to learn more about us and how we could help you.

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